SpitVerb Entertainment LLC

Creative adulation, lyrical masturbation...the result is sincere animation, beauty and erogenous stimulation....This is poetry in all forms!

J.L.Davenport (aka FLOEME)

   SpitVerb Entertainment LLC is the production of verbalized, lyrical copulation, with its brilliant artist being the sultry expressionist, author J.L.Davenport. 

   The day J.L.Davenport came out of her mother's womb, with her wide eyes, mouth open and short reply to the cold hospital air; her screams of life echoed beautifully off the walls. She's been singing and writing her own songs every since. As well as being a beautiful, sultry vocalist, J.L.Davenport was blessed with a vivid imagination. As a quiet sister of all brothers she grew up spending most of her time writing short stories, poems and songs.

   In 2002, J.L.Davenport came upon a spoken word event and instantly got lost in her new found Heaven. It didn't take long for her to find that spoken word was her passion and she lusted for it. Eventually being persuaded to self-publish her first book of poetry (spoken word in print), she published Fanatical Kink Poetics with AuthorHouse in 2003. In 2008 she revised and republished her first book, changing the title to Fanatical Kink Spoken.She followed that with three more works of poetry, Erotic Expressions & Intimate Episodes Pen Leakage and Prophetic Wake Up It's Time To Cultivate

She didn't stop there!!!

   In the latter part of 2008 J.L.Davenport (FLOEME) created her first Neo-Soul/ Urban album,"Breathe" The Definition of Pleasure released February 14, 2010. 

And her pen won't quit she released a new book titled Love Affair in 2013 and Jouissance in 2014.  

   She doesn't stop so keep your eyes open for more phenomenal literary works, spoken word and music by this artist. 





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